Our Story

Hi there! We are Jesse and Braden, the founders of Shop Back Home! Jesse, a Southern California Babe, and Braden, a Utah boy, currently live in Utah and we get through the winters by spending most of our time on the slopes. We have been married since November 2017 and every day just gets better and better. Life is just so much more fun when you’re married to your best friend!. One huge thing we bonded over from the day we met is our passion to create, especially create businesses. We also love to travel and as we traveled around we realize that most of the shirts were super tacky and we never wear them after the trip, so we wanted to fix that. We hand designed each shirt to represent places around the globe so your favorite place can be shown on your favorite shirt! Whether you love to travel there or you’re a native, these tees are a great way to represent the place you live while doing the things you love.

One huge part of starting a business is that we ultimately want it to make a difference for people, which is why we have teamed up with the Sean Michels School for Special Needs. The wonderful Michels family teamed up with Koins for Kenya to create a wonderful boarding school for children with special needs and physical disabilities in Kenya. Every sale provides funding for their program and helps each child. You can read more about their foundation on the Sean Michels School tab. 


We hope you enjoy our shop :) We have many more products coming so STAY TUNED! Thank you for all the love and support! Let us know if you have any suggestions by contacting us via email or social media.